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it’s happening! We proudly present you our first song of our upcoming album “Seelenfrieden”.


This song is a love letter to our dreams and how thoughts can form our world. We wish you a lot of fun hearing it and please tell us what you think 


“Herz, lass nach” review!

+++ For the waverers +++

Newcomer-Treff told their opinion on us and our debut album “Herz, lass nach”. Of course, we want to share it with you!  We are so proud, such warm words are encouraging.

The whole article

“Geil, wäre noch zu milde ausgedrückt.” // “Kraftvoll, emotionsgeladen und vollends genrestimmig.” // “… beweisen die künstlerische Vielfalt in ihrem Genre.” // “berührend, stimmungsvoll, faszinierend und für Gothic- und Symphonic Rock-Fans einfach ein bewegendes „must have“.” // “10 von 10 Punkte.”

“Herz, lass nach” — right on your players.

“The Woods” finished | Soundtrack

We finished the title song of Moonware Games upcoming horror game The Woods at the weekend! Thank you very much for the great collaboration. 🙂

Let’s update our wishlists, this project seems promising: http://store.steampowered.com/app/792670/The_Woods/